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Story Behind Indian Artisans and Indian Handicrafts

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Our ancestors lived in colonies by being a part of different tribal societies. They were the ones who used to make utility items by hand, so the items are now called handicrafts goods. Now, we all are equipped with the latest technologies and management systems. However, in India, there are more than 3000 craft forms and 250 million local artisans who still contribute to our culture by creating such art.

India has always been admired for its beauty, art, and culture. The diverse culture defines our unique way of high living standards. Indian culture is a beautiful fusion of art and ethical values associated with the Indian subcontinent. Several artisans originating in India are contributing to India’s non-farm rural economy. The artisans are the backbone of our various craft production and cultural identity.

Most of these local artisans currently belong to the marginalized community of India. They have extraordinary skills and knowledge, still, they are lacking an exploratory element because of urbanization. Most Indian artisans belong to the rural area of India and they have continued the tradition of making Indian Handicrafts. Following the country's development, which ought blown the crucial existent ethnic personages of India- The artisans.

How Are We Establishing Permanence for Indian Artisans?

We at India Craft Art are occupying and uniting with the local artisan families living across the country to craft sustainable livelihoods. We all know that all Indian handicrafts and handmade goods are environmentally friendly. Considering the issue of climate change globally and we have a list of solutions to prevent climate change. One of those solutions is to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The process of making handmade goods and handicrafts demands a lot of manpower and our research says that the majority of our artisans operate in informal work settings. The people employed in craft production are stepping out of the business due to numerous reasons and one of those is a sudden increase in online business. Every single thing is now available online at a comparatively reduced rate.

We at India Craft Art, connect with those artisans located across the nation and market their products online to promote sustainability and the greatness of using eco-friendly products. Our artisans embed their hours and hours of energy to carve baskets, boxes, handbags, handwoven fabrics, home decorative items, and many more unique products. We present every product with innovative, environmentally friendly designs.

Team of India Craft Art is also correlated with people who support modest businesses, support artisans as well as our intention of bringing more major sustainable products to market. It is a tiny step to reduce pollution and an approach to bolster and restore the very talented community of Indian artisans.

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